Rica-Rica and Babi Kecap for Lovers of Pork in Jogja at Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2

a glass of iced tea and a plate of rice, rica, and oseng daun pepaya
A pork menu at Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2.
Exploring a new place is always fun.  If you have the same thought, you probably already have some plans on what to do, what to see, and what to eat while visiting Jogja. Do you already have something on your mind when it comes to what food you shall try? Is it pork? There are some restaurants and stalls sell pork in Jogja. One of them is Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 in Sleman Jogja.

Before telling you further about pork in Jogja, I’d like to apologize first for being away and wrote nothing for some days. I was busy dealing with things in life and most of the time all I wanted to do was just hit the sack once I was at home. However, I already got a material to post though I felt like I had no energy to write it down.  So, I am happy that I can make it today!

If you follow my blog post, you maybe have known that I once introduced Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2. I shared with you its yummy pork meatball soup. Apart from the soup, this place also has some menus of pork in Jogja to try such as Nasi Goreng B2 (Pork Fried Rice), Bakmi Rebus B2 (Pork Noodle Soup), Sate B2 (Pork Satay), Babi Kecap (Pork with Sweet Soy Sauce), Rica-Rica, and so on.

Babi Kecap and Rica-Rica were two menus my friend and I chose to try. Instead of ordering them individually, we picked the package menus. The first package was Rice, Pork Rica-Rica, Oseng Daun Pepaya, and Iced tea whereas the second package was Rice, Babi Kecap, Oseng Daun Pepaya, and Iced Tea.

a package menu consists of rice, pork rica, and spicy stir-fried papaya leaves at warung pak jo spesial b2
Nasi, Rica, and Oseng Daun Pepaya are in one of the package menus.
First package of pork menu was spicier. Rica-Rica in this package menu was cuisine from Manado, a city in North Sulawesi. This cuisine uses various spices that made its taste hot and spicy yet rich in taste. Pork Rica-Rica means the pork was cooked with ingredients of Rica-Rica and this one I tasted was pretty spicy and I got a hint of sweet taste as well. Rica-Rica usually is savory so I guess it was made differently to adopt the taste of Javanese cuisine. Many Javanese cuisines have a sweet taste for they put palm sugar as one of the ingredients of Javanese cuisine. 

a package menu of rice, rica, and oseng daun pepaya at warung pak jo spesial b2
Package Menu Nasi, Rica, and Oseng Daun Pepaya
Oseng Daun Pepaya was put in both package menus. This dish is spicy stir-fried papaya leaves. The taste of the leaves was delicious and I didn’t get any bitter taste. Papaya leaves actually are bitter leaves. To reduce the bitter taste of papaya leaves require particular techniques of boiling before being cooked.

The next package was less spicy in my opinion. Babi Kecap or Pork with Sweet Soy Sauce was both spicy and sweet. The spiciness came from pepper and it was less spicy compared to Rica-Rica. 

a package menu consists of rice, babi kecap, and daun pisang at warung pak jo spesial b2 in jogja
Package Menu of Nasi, Babi Kecap, and Oseng Daun Pepaya.
Both package menus of pork at Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 were served with cucumber pickle and they also added slices of fried shallots on the top of the rice. I really liked them! Both are my favorites! I like to have my noodles, fried rice, and cap cay with cucumber pickle. I remember it was my dad that thought me how to make it.  If my dad contributed my likeness to cucumber pickle, my mom was the one that told me to try eating rice with slices of fried shallots. I was unsure at first and rather hesitated to give it a try but after grabbing the idea my mom gave it turned out I liked this fried shallot a lot! It was years ago but apparently, I still like eating slices of fried shallot and I take it as my privilege to eat a few fried shallots if I happen to fry them at home whenever my mom asked me to help her in the kitchen. 

babi kecap at warung bajo spesial b2 in jogja
Delicious package menu consists of Nasi, Babi Kecap, and Oseng Daun Pepaya
If you want to eat pork in Jogja, Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 can be one of your options. Either you want to eat sweet pork or savory pork, this place has both. If you want something soupy, you can even have pork meatball soup here! Check the review of the meatball soup in my other blog post if you don’t want to miss this tasteful soup.

two iced tea and menus at Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2
Price list of Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2
What do you think about Pork Rica-Rica and Babi Kecap? Which one do you like to taste first in your culinary adventure for pork in Jogja? Feel free to share your comments below.

Starts from IDR 12,000 (food)
Starts from IDR 1,000 (beverage)

Open Hours:
Monday : 11 A.M - 11.45 A.M. ; 12 P.M. - 10 P.M.
Tuesday - Sunday : 11 A.M. - 10 P.M.

Jl. Garuda No. 191 Condong Catur Jogja

Phone Number:
+62 8139 3094 843

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