Yummy Bakso Babi at Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 in Jogja

a bowl of pork meatballs soup with noodles
Bakso babi - the pork meatballs soup
Have I told you that I am a lover of soupy food? Luckily, there are many choices of soupy food in Jogja and one of the famous ones is bakso—the meatball soup. Bakso is easy to find and it has many fans from a young age to mature age.  What’s so special about bakso in today’s post?

Bakso in today’s post is special for you the pork eaters. Pork meatball soup—bakso babi is a variant of meatball soups that has its own fans though its sellers are not as many as the usual meatball soup. Pak Jo is one of those who serve bakso babi in his stall. Located on Garuda Street in Condong Catur, Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 sells bakso babi for IDR 12,000.

Signage in front of Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 stall in Condong Catur Jogja
Welcome to Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2!
the look of Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 in Condong Catur Jogja
The look of Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2
Let me tell you what you can find in a bowl of bakso babi from Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2. First of all, you can get 5 pieces of pork meatballs in the bowl. Together with the pork meatballs, Pak Jo also adds slices of pork, slices of fried bakso, and chunks of mustard greens. To enrich the taste of your bakso babi, crispy fried onions and celeries are put as toppings. Yum, yum… 

pork meatballs soup served with noodles at Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 in Condong Catur Jogja
Yum, yum! The pork meatballs here are soooo good!
Bakso babi at Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 I think it is a recommended food to try while you are on vacation in Jogja. How does it taste? Oh well, hehehe… I think it is delicious! I didn’t sense any strong garlic aftertaste and this is one of the reasons why I like this bakso babi. The next reason why I like this one is its soup. The soup is savory and made from the light broth.  The smell of pork in the meatballs is pretty light here compared to other bakso babi.

a bowl of pork meatballs soup with chili
Eat bakso babi, the pork meatballs soup, with sambal. Sambal is chili. Hot and spicy. That's nice, isn't that?
Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2 d doesn’t only sell bakso. There are other menus to try here such as fried rice, satay, cap cay, fried noodles, rica-rica, and so on. All of these are served with pork. If you don’t want to go to the stall, you can also order some foods here through online applications called Gojek and Grab. You can even order foods right away by contacting Pak Jo’s phone number. 

What do you think about bakso babi? Will you let yourself to taste it once you are in Jogja? Apart from Warung Pak Jo Spesial B2’s bakso babi, there’s another pork meatball soup seller I gladly recommend. Please check Bakso Babi Pak Har here.

Starts from IDR 12,000 (food)
Starts from IDR 3,000 (beverage)

Open Hour:
Monday : 11 A.M - 11.45 A.M., 12 P.M. - 10 P.M.
Tuesday - Sunday : 11 A.M. - 10 P.M.

Jl. Garuda No. 191 Condong Catur Jogja

Phone Number:
+62 8139 3094 843


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