Tasting Siomay Batagor Ujang Dadi Bandung in Jogja

A plate of siomay bandung in sleman jogja
Siomay Batagor Ujang Dadi Bandung.

So many options, so little time to explore. Yes, that's my opinion when it comes to street foods in Jogja. However, now and then, luckily I can find something good to share with you. As for today, I can't wait to tell you about Siomay Batagor Ujang Dadi Bandung. Siomay and batagor are popular street foods in Jogja and you must try any of them or both when you are having a culinary adventure here. Siomay and batagor in Jogja are pretty easy to find, and they both are in affordable price.

What are siomay and batagor? Siomay is an Indonesian fish dumpling served with peanut sauce. The fish meat used for siomay here usually is tenggiri fish meat. When you buy siomay, its sellers usually have it with some boiled tofu, boiled eggs, and vegetables for you to choose. A complete siomay dish usually consists of several pieces of siomay, tofu, potatoes, and a boiled egg served with peanut sauce. The common vegetable for siomay here is cabbage but there are some sellers that have bitter melon or bitter gourd as well as an option. They fill the bitter melon with the fish dumpling. Batagor is the fried version of siomay. It is a Sundanese dish consists of fried fish dumplings served with peanut sauce. A portion of batagor usually consists of fried fish dumplings and fried tofu filled with fish dumplings served with peanut sauce. Since siomay and batagor are popular street foods in Jogja, no wonder if you can find both sold in food stalls or food carts. 

A food cart sells siomay and batagor bandung in Sleman Jogja
The look of Siomay Batagor Ujang Dadi Bandung cart from the front side.

A boy stands near a cart sells siomay and batagor in Sleman Jogja
A boy bought siomay.

Siomay Batagor Ujang Dadi Bandung is what I am excited to share about today. As you can read from its name, the seller is from West Java, and he even probably is a Sundanese guy. Ujang Dadi sells siomay and batagor in Jogja in a cart, and you can find him and his cart near Lapangan Denggung in Sleman Jogja. To be exact, across the street in front of Sleman City Hall mall. 

It was a hot sunny day when my friend took me to Lapangan Denggung by motorcycle. We went there only to taste my friend's favorite batagor. Instead of ordering a portion of batagor as what my friend did, I decided to order siomay so that I could taste both siomay and batagor there! Hehehe… Yep, your guess is right! I ate my siomay and asked my friend if I could have one or two batagor to taste… What a practical and efficient decision I made! Hahaha…wink. 

A siomay seller is preparing a portion of siomay in Sleman Jogja
Ujang Dadi prepared a portion of siomay.

A closer look of a plate of siomay consists of siomay, tofu, and potatoes in Sleman Jogja
A closer look of siomay I ordered.
A plate of batagor in Sleman Jogja
A plate of batagor. It looks alike siomay, isn'it?

"How was the taste, Eunike?", maybe your mind exclaimed this question. Hold on, before telling you more about it, let me pour out all things that cross my mind when I am writing about siomay and batagor. Years ago I didn't like eating siomay nor batagor. No specific reason, I just never had any of them. I just made an assumption that now I totally think it went wrong. Sometimes we dislike something based on an assumption that isn't based on any fact. In my case, it often happened when I got to know a dish I never had. “No, I don't like it.” “I don't wanna eat that.” My parents used to get upset when I behaved that way. Apart from that, sometimes our first experience doesn't give us any good hint if the food we taste actually is okay. There were some foods I had in the past that I considered a thumb down, nowadays, after tasting more than once, in different places, they are all good. I find siomay and batagor are okay now, some even are delicious!

Now, we're back to siomay and batagor in Jogja. A portion of siomay from Siomay Batagor Ujang Dadi Bandung costed me IDR 8,000. This price was the same as the price of a portion of batagor. For a portion of siomay or batagor, the price here was so nice yet so affordable! A portion of siomay consisted of siomay, tofu, and potatoes. Its peanut sauce was so good. It was savory and enriched the taste of all mixed with it. The taste of fish meat was mild, but it's understandable due to its price. However, batagor was the one won me over. It was better than siomay. The fried fish dumplings and tofu were crunchy outside but not hard to chew. Ujang Dadi supplied chili sauce and sweet soya ketchup to be mixed with the peanut sauce. If you mix it all with your batagor, they will surely give you an appealing mix of taste. I was pleased with the peanut sauce. It accentuated both siomay and batagor. I wasn't really surprised when I saw many people buying batagor while I was eating my siomay.

A closer look of batagor in a plate in Sleman Jogja
A closer look of batagor. Its peanut sauce is yummy!

As popular street foods in Jogja, siomay and batagor have many fans from all ages. If you are in Jogja and seek for a culinary adventure, make sure you add both siomay and batagor on your list of street foods to eat. 

So glad to share a piece of siomay and batagor with you today. I wasn't able to post anything for a few weeks! So many things happened in my life that sucked me dry but hey, now I'm back! 

It's your turn to share an opinion about siomay and batagor in Jogja. Would you like to try these popular street foods in Jogja? If so, which one do you like better? Is it siomay? Is it batagor? Feel free to leave a comment below.  

Thank you for reading. I hope you are good, healthy, and happy! 

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