Soto Ayam Kakijangi: Flavourful Soto Semarang in Jogja

Two portions of soto semarang, side dishes, and sambal at Soto Ayam Kakijangi Khas Semarang in jogja
Soto Ayam Kakijangi Khas Semarang
Are you ready for lunch? What do you think about something soupy for lunch? Soto is an Indonesian dish I like to have for lunch for many reasons. Soto in Jogja has many variations. When you are visiting Jogja, you can as well enjoy dishes from other places in Indonesia, including some Soto from other places such as Soto Banjar, Soto Madura, Soto Kudus, Soto Betawi, Soto Semarang, and many more. Therefore, on this lovely day, let me share my culinary adventure enjoying Soto Semarang in Jogja and my first visit to Soto Ayam Kaki Jangi Khas Semarang. 

As I said earlier, Soto is one of my favorite dishes for lunch. When I'm rather sleepy at noon, eating a bowl of Soto in Jogja helps me to be awake. I choose this dish as well when I am not feeling well. Having this one usually gives me that I-feel-better-already-feeling. Fortunately, there are many options of Soto to pick for the sake of culinary adventure, so that I can explore and share my experiences with you!

Before going further with Soto Semarang, first, you and I need to answer the big question of what Soto is. Soto is a traditional soupy dish from Indonesia with vegetables, broth, and meats in its composition. Taste of Soto can be different from one place to another. Soto Semarang, obviously seen from its name, is a Soto from Semarang. This soup dish requires many spices such as bay leaves, lemongrass, key lime leaves, ginger, coriander seeds, white pepper, and many more. A mix between spices and broth here is enticing. Its taste and aroma will tease you!

Soto in Jogja I'd like to introduce you at this very moment is the one from Soto Ayam Kakijangi Khas Semarang. I found this restaurant when my friend and I were on our way home from Gunung Kidul. Located on Maguwo Street, this restaurant was just opened in January this year. Its building adopts joglo architecture. Joglo is a traditional Javanese house. Apart from its joglo, another thing that triggered us to stop by was its big yellow banner of Es Tape. 

Banner of soto ayam kakijangi and es tape in banguntapan bantul jogja
Welcome to Soto Ayam Kakijangi!

Joglo building belongs to soto ayam kakijangi restaurant and es tape booth outside in banguntapan bantul jogja
The restaurant and its Es Tape booth outside.
Going inside Soto Ayam Kakijangi Khas Semarang, I passed by a pikulan soto. Pikulan soto is like a cart for selling Soto but it has no wheels. You need to lift it up and put its bamboo slat on your shoulder to carry. They mixed all ingredients for their Soto here. I ordered Soto Ayam, Hot Orange Juice, and Es Tape.

The look of Soto Ayam Kakijangi restaurant with joglo architecture in Jogja
Pikulan soto seen from outside at Soyo Ayam Kakijangi
Pikulan soto to sell soto semarang at soto ayam kakijangi khas semarang in banguntapan bantul jogja
Pikulan soto seen from my table.
Soto Ayam in Soto Ayam Kakijangi Khas Semarang that I had was Soto Semarang with chicken. When my order came, they gave me my order and some tempeh as side dishes. On the table, they already prepared sambal (chili sauce), sweet soy sauce, Kerupuk, and Sate. Sate or Satay they had as the side dishes was Sate Daging Ayam (chicken satay), Sate Usus (intestines satay), and Sate Ati Ampela (livers and gizzards satay). 

Soto semarang with chicken meat, sambal, and tempeh goreng at soto ayam kakijangi in banguntapan bantul jogja
Soto Semarang, sambal, and fried tempeh.

Soto semarang with chicken meat, chili sauce, and friend tempeh to eat at soyoayam kakijangi khas semarang in banguntapan bantul jogja
The look of Soto Semarang with chicken meat, sambal, and fried tempeh seen from above.

How was my Soto Semarang in Jogja? In my soto bowl, I got rice, bean sprouts, slices of scallion, slices of chicken, glass noodles, and fried garlics. The first time I tasted my Soto gravy, I could sense both savory and sweet tastes. They were in balance. Broth in my Soto was flavourful, yet I could get the appealing taste of spices. The experience I got from every spoon was lovely and my Soto was delicious! What I liked more about this Soto Semarang was its tempting flavor after I added sambal. In other words, the sambal was so good that it boosted the deliciousness of my Soto. Purrrfect for me!

The closer look of soto semarang with chicken meat at soto ayam kakilangi khas semarang in banguntapan bantul jogja
The closer look of Soto Semarang I had with chicken meat.
Sate ayam, sate usus, and sate ati ampela at soto ayam kakijangi khas semarang in jogja
Sate Ayam, Sate Usus, and Sate Ati Ampela.

Sambal or chili sauce to spice up soto semarang at soto ayam kakijangi restaurant in jogja
This sambal or chili sauce was good! Put it in my Soto to make my dish more spicy.
Aside from my pleasing experience with Soto Semarang in Jogja, I also paid attention to Es Tape or Iced Tape I ordered. Tape or Tapay in Es Tape here was a traditionally fermented cassava. It was sweet and sour but sweetness has a bigger portion of flavor here than sourness. When I consumed this one in the restaurant, it was rather sweet for my taste. If you follow my blog, I guess you already know that I am not a sweet tooth. I couldn't finish my Es Tape since I already drank Hot Orange Juice. So, I took it home, and I found an interesting thing. When I got back to my place, the ice cubes in my drink was all melted already. I wasn't in such a hurry to finish my drink and I felt full. I needed some time to drink it up. After letting long minutes passed, I decided to grab my drink and when I had it… oh là là it was pleasant! The drink was less sweet due to the melted ice cubes. The light alcohol flavor was smooth and intertwined well with sweetness and sourness of Tape, in my opinion. Hmmm… liked it!

Es Tape made from traditionally fermented cassava is one of beverage menus in soto ayam kakijangi restorant in banguntapan bantul jogja
Es Tape/Iced Tapay.

To give you more juicy details of Soto Ayam Kakijangi Khas Semarang, I asked my friend to capture menus in this restaurant so you can see its price range. For Es Tape, if I'm not mistaken, the price was about IDR 5,000. The price for Soto in Jogja in this restaurant is also affordable as well. Okay price for students too.

Where to find Soto Semarang in Jogja.

Menus at Soto Ayam Kakijangi Khas Semarang restaurant in Banguntapan Bantul Jogja
Menu list at Soto Ayam Kakijangi restaurant.

A comfortable place to eat. A reasonable range of price for Soto in Jogja. Delicious Soto Semarang to fill your stomach. A-must-try-Es Tape. A way to feed your starve of culinary adventure. All sounds good, isn't it? Hehehe… Yes, if you travel to Jogja and spend time as a tourist in this city of culture, remember to enlist your must-do things and put Soto Ayam Kakijangi Khas Semarang on your list of places to eat in Jogja. You don't have to travel to Semarang for buying Soto Semarang. Get your Soto Semarang in Jogja is very possible. Last, I am curious… what do you think about this Soto? Would you like to try Sate and Es Tape I mentioned here? Feel free to leave a comment below as I'd like to read 'em!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Starts from IDR 1,000 (Food)
Starts from IDR 3,000 (Beverage)

Open Hours:
6 AM - 2 PM

Jl. Maguwo No. 150 Banguntapan Bantul

Phone Number: 
+62 878 3773 1184 (WA number)

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