Embung Batara Sriten: A Place to Go for Watching the Sunrise and the Sunset in Gunung Kidul Jogja

Embung Batara Sriten, a touristic water reservoir, in Gunung Kidul Jogja
Embung Batara Sriten.

Maybe you already know that Jogja is one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia. You probably have heard that this city is famous for its cultural tourist attraction. But today I’m not gonna talk about that. Today I’d like to take you to a lovely place where you can chill and enjoy nature’s beauty. Yes, let me share about Embung Batara Sriten.

Embung Batara Sriten is a water reservoir located on the top of the Batur Agung hills in Pilangrejo,  Nglipar, Gunung Kidul.  What makes this embung special is its location. This embung’s height is about 859 meters from sea level. Compared to any other water reservoir in Gunung Kidul, this one is the highest.

The view on the way to Embung Batara Sriten on the top of the hills of Batur Gunung in Gunung Kidul Jogja
The scenery on my way up to Embung Batara Sriten.

The look of Embung Batara Sriten in Gunung Kidul Jogja seen from the parking lot
Welcome to Embung Batara Sriten!
Embung Batara Sriten as a water reservoir in Gunung Kidul Jogja
There's no fish in this water reservoir "Embung Batara Sriten".
Batara Sriten would be a great location for you who would like to get a stunning view of sunrise and sunset. If you are one of those who are so fancy to capture moments of sunrise and sunset, you shall not miss this place. This is a place for chilling and enjoying the panorama of an awesome green landscape seen from the top of the hill. If you look for a place that can give you a stunning view and fewer visitors, I suggest you visit this place on weekdays.  I was lucky for being there when it had only a few visitors. It made things better for me for I sought silence some time ago.

Batara Sriten has some facilities for its visitors. Officially opened by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X in September 2014, this embung is facilitated with a  huge parking lot, restroom, a prayer room, a gazebo, and a place to eat.  When I was there I had for myself a bottle of mineral water and a bowl of fried noodles.

If you are in Jogja and plan to visit Embung Batara Sriten, make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Since the embung is on the top of the hill, your vehicle machine will surely work harder to take you there. This place is open 5 AM to 6 PM and its entrance ticket is IDR 3,000.

What I liked the most about the embung was the scenery. For someone who lives in the center of the city, such a view is something rare to find. I really loved to have the wind kissed my skin and played with my hair. It was so quiet and I could even hear the wind had fun with leaves as well. When I was there I walked around and went up a bit to explore the place. My eyes liked what they saw; a green landscape that looked like a green carpet.  It was relaxing.

Embung Batara Sriten seen from the higher area with the view of the green landscape in Gunung Kidul Jogja
My favorite view of Embung Batara Sriten.

A hill nearby seen from Batara Sriten in Gunung Kidul Jogja
Look at that hill! Can you imagine yourself living in such a hill with no neighbor?

Apart from Embung Batara Sriten, Gunung Kidul has a lot to see. When you are in this area in Jogja, you can explore many places such as an ancient volcano, caves, and beaches. If you are curious about other places in Jogja with a great panorama view, you can also visit Batu Papal.

That’s all I have for you today. Do you think you’d like to explore Batara Sriten and Gunung Kidul once you are visiting Jogja? Talk about a water reservoir, is there such a place in your area? Is it also touristic? Feel free to share your comment below.

Thank you for visiting Rindumiu.  May we all are in good vibes. Warm regards from Jogja. See ya later!

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