Delicious Pepes Tuna and Tongseng Tuna for Tuna Lovers to Eat in Jogja

pepes tuna, tongseng tuna, and rice at warung makan hercules jogja
Tasty tuna menus at Warung Makan Hercules Jogja

Can I say today’s tuna day? The topic today is tuna and I can’t do anything but recommend you try these tuna street foods during your visit to Jogja. They are so tasty even you who aren’t into fish probably would fall for these ones!

I am not a big fan of fish. During my childhood my parents rarely served fish and if they did, I would hardly eat it unless my mother fed me. I remember when I was in high school my mother enforced me eating fish and I had to agree just because she fed me. Uh!

I am pretty okay eating freshwater fish as long as they are not fishy. Seawater fish was a big no for me. Most of the time I could avoid eating any of them but one day, for no specific reason, well, maybe a curiosity, I was willing to eat a slice of tuna pizza. That was fishy but eatable. Okay, that was not bad and it triggered me to expand my horizon.

About a week ago, a friend of mine told me about a stall that sold variations of tuna dishes. I was like… Uh, not fish! I almost said no but my curiosity tickled me and it led me to Warung Makan Hercules in Pogung Kidul Jogja. This food stall offered various menus of tuna such as pepes tuna, sate tuna (tuna satay), telur tuna (tuna cooked with egg), bakso tuna (tuna meatballs soup), sup tuna (tuna soup), tuna asam pedas (spicy & sour tuna), and tongseng tuna. This stall also has non-tuna menus but this place is famous for its tuna dishes.

warung makan hercules the food stall in pogung kidul jogja with the look of its menu
Welcome to Warung Makan Hercules!

the look of warung makan hercules that serves tuna dishes in pogung kidul jogja
Warung Makan Hercules in Pogung Kidul
I had pepes tuna and tongseng tuna at Warung Makan Hercules. Pepes is a way of cooking in which food ingredients are altogether wrapped in banana leaves then they are steamed or grilled. For pepes tuna the main ingredient of the pepes is tuna and it is wrapped with other ingredients such as chilies, green tomatoes, basil, and other blended spices. Pepes tuna I had smelled nice. Combination of its additional ingredients eliminated the fishy odor. The tuna was soft, seasoned, spicy, and savory. It was served with sambal, slices of cucumber, and boiled water spinach. Yum, yum! It was so good and it was only IDR 17,000! I liked it a lot! I even brought home tuna pepes for my mother and she said the dish was delish!

pepes tuna served with sambal and spinach water at warung makan hercules in pogung kidul jogja
Pepes tuna. What's inside it?

the closer look of pepes tuna served with sambal and spinach water in pogung kidul jogja
Can you see the tuna in this pepes tuna?

Tongseng tuna I had was appetizing! Tongseng tuna is tuna curry-like dish. In the plate of my tuna tongseng you can see slices of tuna, slices of chilies, and chunks of cabbage. Though it was a stew dish, the tuna in my tongseng tuna was not fishy at all. The dish was spicy and flavored. I had it with a plate of hot rice and my goodness… I could not stop eating it. I even ate the chilies! The price of tongseng tuna was IDR 20,000.

tuna stew curry-like dishe at warung makan hercules in pogung kidul jogja served with cabbage
Tongseng tuna
I heard that its telur tuna is famous among customers of Warung Makan Hercules but I didn’t get the chance to taste it, unfortunately. However, I am willing to come back there again to taste its other tuna dishes. I heard they were all good.

tuna stew curry-like dish at waung makan hercules in pogung kidul jogja
Ordered three more of this pepes tuna to bring home

I was so pleased that day to find non-fishy tuna dishes. If you are into a culinary adventure and street foods, do visit Warung Makan Hercules in Pogung Kidul during your visit to Jogja. If you want to have the tuna dishes at your place, you can use GoFood delivery order in Gojek application.

What do you think about tuna dishes I share with you today? Which one would you like to taste? Feel free to share in the comment section below. Oh, and I’d like to hear about your favorite tuna dish too!

Open Hours:
10 A.M to 9 P.M. (Monday – Sunday)

Pogung Kidul No. 8  RT 04/RW 49 Jogja

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