Bakso dan Sate Pak Har : The Place of Delicious Pork Meatballs Soup in Jogja

bakso babi pak har godean jogja

Who wants to enjoy pork dishes in Jogja raise your hand! Yay! Today I’ll introduce you to one dish which is perfect to warm your body while the rain is falling. It’s soupy and it’s savory. Can you guess what it is?

It’s a bowl of pork meatballs! Yes, this time I would like you to know about a mouthwatering dish called bakso babi. Bakso babi is the Indonesian language for pork meatballs soup. The bakso babi that I’m so enthusiastic to share with you today is from Bakso dan Sate Pak Har (Mr. Har's Meatball Soup and Satay).  Located in Nglarang Lor, Godean, this pork meatballs soup is a must-try-dish.  Starting at 8 AM, people come here to have this one in the morning or during the lunch hour.  They visit this place to enjoy a bowl of pork meatballs served with slices of cabbage, noodles and slices of pork meat. 

What is so special about the bakso babi of Pak Har? First of all, the meatballs are pretty chewy but soft enough for the elders to bite and enjoy. The second is the soup itself; the soup is savory and the aftertaste is smooth – you will not taste any onion in your mouth (many meatballs soup has strong onion aftertaste). Slices of meat they put in the soup have light aroma of pork which I really like. I prefer less pork aroma to the strong one.   The last good thing you can always underline is its price! It’s so affordable!  A bowl of bakso babi only costs IDR 7,000.

Apart from the pork meatball soup, Pak Har also has another menu which is pork satay. Each pork satay costs IDR 3,000 here. You can eat the satay with rice or as a side dish for your pork meatball soup. While having the dishes, you can have as well tea, orange or lemon tea as your choices of drink.

If you would like to visit Bakso dan Sate Pak Har in Jogja make sure it’s not on Monday. This place only opens Tuesday to Sunday.

warung bakso dan sate pak har di godean jogja buka jam 8 pagi

So, what do you think of this pork meatballs soup? Do you think you would put that on your culinary adventure agenda while staying in Jogja? What is your favorite pork dish? Feel free to share it with me and other readers in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope, someday, after the battle with the covid-19 pandemic is over, you will be able to enjoy Jogja as much as I do and put Bakso dan Sate Pak Har in your must-visit-list.

Starts from IDR 3,000 (food)
Starts from IDR 500 (beverage)

Open Hour:
08.00 AM

Nglarang Lor 01/10 Sidoarum Godean Sleman

Phone Numbers:
+62 274 6497649
+62 82134346749 (Whatsapp)

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