Tasting Nasi Kucing at Market Angkring in Sleman Jogja

Nasi kucing angkringan with side dishes
Angkringan's nasi kucing
Are you ready for another culinary adventure in Jogja? When we talk about the beloved Jogja, let’s not skip its street foods. Yes, there are a lot of choices of street foods here and many of them are very affordable.

Among all choices of street foods, today I’ll share with you about angkringan.  Angkringan is a food cart that sells foods and drinks. This food cart is so easy to find and you can recognize them from their brown wood cart. What so famous about angkringan is its nasi kucing. Literally, nasi kucing means cat’s rice but this food is totally not cat’s rice at all. It is called that way because of its small portion. 

Woody angkringan cart or gerobak angkringan
This is how angkringan cart looks like
If nasi kucing isn’t cat’s rice, what’s that? Well, nasi kucing is a wrapped food contains of a small portion of rice with toppings. The common toppings for nasi kucing here are sambal (chili), spicy dried anchovies, and stir-fried tempeh. These toppings are in a small portion as well. Mostly, you will see people wrap nasi kucing with either brown food grade paper or banana leaves. 

Following the time, angkringan is no longer only a food cart. Now you can see some food stalls serve typically angkringan’s foods and drinks and they even add some more variations of menu.  You can even find places as cozy as restaurants with free wi-fi that serve angkringan’s menu. 

Today I’d like to introduce you to one of angkringan out there called Market Angkring Pusat “Pangukan” which is more known as Market Angkring . This one is located in Sanggrahan Sleman Jogja. Their nasi kucing has various toppings. You can find nasi oseng jamur (rice with stir-fried mushrooms), nasi with rica-rica ayam, nasi with chicken’s liver,  nasi goreng in a small portion, and many more. Apart from nasi kucing, they also have other menus such as meatball soups and kupat tahu. They also have many options for a side dish. Some are scallop satay, chicken satay, vegetable fritters, meatball satay, fried sausage, fried mushrooms, quail egg satay, omelets, nuggets, chicken’s feet, tempeh, tofu, and many more. 

market angkring sign in sanggrahan sleman jogja
Welcome to Market Angkring!

the look of self service angkringan at market angkring in sleman jogja
Pick what you want to eat, order your drink, then pay.

nasi kucing and side dishes at market angkring in sleman jogja
Nasi kucing and side dishes at Market Angkring. Too bad when I arrived there some were sold out already!
I dined out at Market Angkring some time ago with a friend of mine. We had two nasi kucing with the spicy dried anchovy topping, nasi goreng, nasi jamur, two vegetable fritters, two mushrooms satays, two meatball satays, and two hot ginger drinks. Can you guess how much we spent on all? It was only IDR 18,000! That means for each of us we on ly spent IDR 9,000! Isn’t it nice? It’s much less than a dollar! Oh and yes, the foods they served were good. I didn’t feel full eating two nasi kucing but after having my ginger drink, I thought I ate enough. 

nasi kucing with side dishes and hot ginger drinks at market angkring in sanggrahan sleman jogja
Dinner time! What my friend and I picked as our dinner at Market Angkring

various nasi kucing, satays, and hot ginger drinks at market angkringan in sleman jogja
Tadaaa!! This is how nasi kucing looks like! A small portion of nasi. How many nasi kucing you will need to make you full?
 Market Angkring is a low budget place to eat with good taste of foods. I can see why this place is famous and many of its foods are sold out fast. If you plan to go here while having a vacation in Jogja, make sure you come to this place in the evening. Their open hours are 5 PM to 11 PM.

market angkring look with some motorcycles and a car parked nearby in sleman jogja
Bye Market Angkring! It's time to go home!
What do you think of angkringan? Would you give it a try if you are staying in Jogja? Do you also have this kind of angkringan in your area? Please share your comment below. I’d like to read it.

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