Herbal Drinks to Try at Watu Langit in Jogja

Herbal drinks at Watu Langit in Jogja
Herbal drinks for your health.
We all know the importance of quality time with our beloved ones. Either it is a lunch date or a family time, this spot in Jogja that I just spent time at is perfect for both. If you're in Jogja and have a plan to visit some temples in the east of Jogja, make sure you make time to hang out at Watu Langit Coffee & Resto. Spending some time there to chill and have a good time with your people, give yourself a chance as well as to enjoy herbal drinks there. Herbal drinks in Jogja is something you should try. One of the famous herbal drinks here is Wedang Uwuh. Have you had that?

I attempted to visit Watu Langit Coffee & Resto a few times and only the 3rd one succeeded. The first visit, the day was still early. My friend and I then prolonged our visit to Batu Papal while waiting for the food place's open hours to begin only to find out later that the place was closed. A few months after that, our 2nd attempt was a failure too for the place remained closed. Fortunately, in the 3rd attempt, this mission accomplished! I could finally get in and fed my curiosity! Yay!!

Watu Langit Coffee & Resto seen from its motorcycle parking area
Watu Langit Coffe & Resto seen from its parking area.
It was on Sunday afternoon that I assuredly could be one of the guests of Watu Langit Coffee & Resto. I wondered if I went at the wrong time because I expected it'd be fewer people there. In fact, they had more visitors, more than I expected. Oh-oh! 

Watu Langit Coffee & Resto entrance.
Welcome to Watu Langit.
Main entrance of Watu Langit Coffee & Resto in Jogja
Main entrance of Watu Langit Coffee & Resto. They will check your body temperature and you must wear mask.
"We probably wouldn't find a great spot to seat in! Doh!" I exclaimed to my friend. But hey, I was wrong! Hehehe... That time the day was hot and the sun was above our head! This only meant people like to stay inside! In short, we got a nice spot for ourselves in its outdoor sitting area! Du du du…

I'd love to order some dishes so you could get more hints for your culinary adventure in Jogja but uh… my tummy was already full! So, a better idea came up. Herbal drinks! Yes! Herbal drinks in Jogja would be a smart choice since during the COVID-19 pandemic our concern was more to our health. Now, can you guess what drinks my friend and I ordered?

Wedang Uwuh and Teh Sere at Watu Langit Coffee & Resto in Prambanan Jogja
Herbal drinks in Jogja you should try.
Wedang Uwuh, Teh Sere, and Mendoan. These three came not so long after ordering. Wedang Uwuh and Teh Sere were herbal drinks. Mendoan was the snack. Each of them, in my humble opinion, was nice. Combining the three of them as a trio… it was awesome! 

Wedang Uwuh, Teh Sere, and Mendoan at Watu Langit Coffee & Resto in Prambanan Jogja.
Left to Right: Teh Sere, Wedang Uwuh, and Mendoan
Wedang Uwuh comes from Javanese words  "wedang" dan "uwuh". Wedang means a hot drink whereas uwuh means garbage. Based on its meaning, Wedang Uwuh is a hot garbage drink. Whoaaa! Hahaha… Nah, it ain't garbage at all! I guess this drink called that way because of how this drink was served; all ingredients were put together into the hot water and the look was a mess. However, though this drink looked like a mess, this one was a healthy drink. Ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass, leaves of the clove tree, flower buds of the clove tree, secang wood, leaves of the nutmeg tree, and rock sugar were the ingredients of the drink. This drink was spicy and had a distinctive lovely smell. It had many benefits such as reducing cholesterol, lessening physical tiredness, and increasing immunity. Wedang Uwuh was a rich antioxidant drink and good for blood circulation as well. Price of this drink was IDR 8,000.

Wedang Uwuh the herbal drink at Watu Langit in Jogja
Wedang Uwuh the herbal drink.
Teh Sere was tea with lemongrass. This herbal drink was good for reducing anxiety and cholesterol, increasing mouth health, and helping to form red blood cells. Both the taste and the smell of this herbal drink were nice. I liked to have my Teh Sere hot. A glass of Teh Sere was IDR 8,000.

Teh Sere the herbal drink at Watu Langit Coffee & Resto seen closer.
Teh Sere - tea with lemongrass
Mendoan was half-cooked tempeh fried with flour. It was best to eat while still hot. Some people served Mendoan with Sambal Kecap (sweet soy sauce mixed with bird eye chilis). The ones that I had weren't with Sambal Kecap. They were served with birds eye chili only. If you fancied tempeh, you should try this snack. Mendoan I had was savory and yes, I found it tasty! This Mendoan costed me IDR 10,000.

Watu Langit Coffee & Resto had many choices of food and beverage. Some of their dishes were Rawon Kambing, Fried Chicken, Omelette, Pepes, Fried Fish, etc. Other than Wedang Uwuh and Teh Sere, this restaurant also offered Tarik Tea, Orange Juice, Milk, Vietnam Drip, some latte, and so on. For snacks, apart from Mendoan, they had Fried Banana, French Fries, Grilled Sandwiches with various jams, Corn Fritter, etc. 

If you are in the east of Jogja, you could combine your visit to some temples by hanging out at Watu Langit Coffee & Resto. Some temples you could explore around this food place were Candi Ijo, Candi Prambanan, and Candi Ratu Boko. Besides, you could also visit Breksi Cliff and Batu Papal as well on your way to the restaurant. 

So, I am curious... What do you think about herbal drinks in Jogja? Would you like to have Wedang Uwuh while visiting east of Jogja? Feel free to share your comment below. 

Open Hours:
11 AM - 9 PM (Tuesday - Sunday)

Mlakon, Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman, Jogja
(900 m to the top from Candi Ijo).

Contact Number:
+62 877 3886 3338

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