Rujak Cingur Maguwo: East Java Taste in Jogja

rujak cingur and tahu tek in jogja
Rujak Cingur and Tahu Tek
One more day for a culinary adventure in Jogja. Have you tasted any East Java cuisines? This time I'd like to come out with East Java cuisines in Jogja. Some time ago I had a pleasing brunch at Rujak Cingur Maguwo and I thought I should share my story with you. You probably would like to get yourself Rujak Cingur in Jogja. If rujak isn't your thing, perhaps Tahu Tek in Jogja gets your attention.

A lot of people from all over the place in Indonesia visit Jogja. Some visit this city as a tourist, some other stay here to study or even make a living here. Diversity in Jogja enlarges opportunities for us to explore cuisines from other places in Indonesia. Many restaurants sell foods that aren't local ones. This gives me chances to taste dishes from Aceh, Bangka, East Java, Lombok, Menado, Padang, Pontianak, and many more. I'm happy about this! Hehehe…

Last week I shared with you a dish from Semarang and this week I'm excited about East Java cuisines in Jogja. I rarely explored East Java dishes, therefore, when my friend kept on mentioning to me about Rujak Cingur Maguwo, my curiosity level increased. "What's so special about that place?!", my mind exclaimed. 

It was a lovely Sunday morning. The motorcycle my friend and I rode on stopped in front of a building with iron sheets as walls. Following my friend, I went inside through the door and found myself in a uhmm…half-opened area. A guy and a woman then welcomed us and told us to have a seat. I assumed they were the owners of the place and yep, I was right!   

Rujak Cingur Maguwo seen from the outside in Sleman Jogja
Welcome to Rujak Cingur Maguwo
the entrance door of rujak cingur maguwo in sleman jogja
Are you ready to go inside?

kitchen of rujak cingur maguwo in sleman jogja
Order your East Java cuisine here!
My friend and I sat near a koi fishpond. There was a big tree that hid us from the heat and my eyes saw a lot of plants in various sizes. An interesting place. The word 'secret garden' popped in. This is the place. Yes, Rujak Cingur Maguwo.

Sitting area for customer at Rujak Cingur Maguwo in Sleman Jogja
One of the sitting areas for customers at Rujak Cingur Maguwo

Cozy Outdoor sitting area at Rujak Cingur Maguwo in Sleman Jogja with garden and fishpond views
This is my favorite part of the sitting area. I could see plants and some koi.

A koi fishpond with woody ducks decoration at Rujak Cingur Maguwo in Sleman Jogja
How many koi in the fishpond?
Located on Cindelaras Raya Street in Sleman Jogja, Rujak Cingur Maguwo sells East Java cuisines in Jogja such as Rujak Cingur, Rawon, Tahu Tek, Nasi Pecel, and Tahu Gejrot. The owners of this food place use petis that are sent right away from East Java. This makes their dishes authentic. 

Petis. Do you have any clue what it really is? Petis is sticky dark brown paste composed of shrimp extract or fish extract. This paste can be served as an appetizer or used as an ingredient to cook some Indonesian foods. 

Indonesian foods from East Java that my friend and I chose in our Sunday's culinary adventure were Rujak Cingur and Tahu Tek. In a glance, these two dishes looked similar to one another. Could you tell which one is Rujak Cingur and which one is Tahu Tek?

Rujak Cingur and Tahu Tek sold by Rujak Cingur Maguwo in Sleman Jogja
Left or right? Right or left? Which one is Rujak Cingur?

Rujak Cingur and Tahu Tek seen from above at Rujak Cingur Maguwo in Sleman Jogja
Does  your intuition tell you which dish is Tahu Tek?
Let's talk about Rujak Cingur first. Rujak Cingur in Jogja I had for this culinary adventure consisted of cucumber, tofu, pineapple, bean sprouts, lontong, water spinach, a kerupuk, and cingur. All of these were mixed with peanut sauce in which one of its ingredients was petis. In addition, I requested my Rujak Cingur to be a bit spicy. The price for this dish was IDR 18,000.

A portion of rujak cingur and hot orange juice to taste at Rujak Cingur Maguwo in Sleman Jogja
Let's eat Rujak Cingur and enjoy the rest of the day!

A portion of rujak cingur and an eyeglass seen from above at Rujak Cingur Maguwo stall in Sleman Jogja
The yummy Rujak Cingur for either brunch or lunch.
You maybe question what lontong and cingur are. Lontong is compressed rice cooked in and wrapped in a banana leaf. It had a cylinder form and it is usually served to replace steamed rice. Cingur is a Javanese word for mouth. Does something cross your mind? Hehehe… Yes, cingur in Rujak Cingur is cow snout. The snout is boiled and cut into slices before being served. Cingur is chewy. I think its texture is like cartilage on a chicken bone but softer. 

Cingur on a spoon seen from above in Rujak Cingur at Rujak Cingur Maguwo in Sleman Jogja
Yasss! Now you see cingur, finally! Will you eat that?
Shall I tell you about the taste of Rujak Cingur or shall I skip this part? Wink...wink… Hahaha… I'm too enthusiastic to keep it all for myself! This Rujak Cingur in Jogja I had was rich in taste; sweet, sour, spicy, and savory. They were all put together in harmony and in the middle appeared cingur with its gentle chewiness. They were all embraced nicely by taste of petis. That sounds like a party, doesn't it? Try this one! Let yourself enjoy a sensation of  East Java cuisines in Jogja composed by petis.  

Tahu Tek seen from above at Rujak Cingur Maguwo in Jogja
Tahu Tek. How many chili do you want to add to make it spicy?
Let's get back to the planet Earth and put our attention to Tahu Tek. Tahu Tek in Jogja I ate in a lovely Sunday in Maguwo consisted of tofu, eggs, bean sprouts, kerupuk, and lontong served with peanut sauce which had petis in it. Its peanut sauce mingled so well with both tofu and the egg. It was delicious! Yum! Yum! This dish costed us IDR 11,000. In my opinion Tahu Tek was better than Rujak Cingur. It was more tempting for me. I wonder if the cause was the mix of eggs, petis, and peanut sauce. Rujak Cingur was tasty but Tahu Tek stole my attention. 

The look of tahu tek with kerupuk seen from above at Rujak Cingur Maguwo in Sleman Jogja
I liked this piece of egg in Tahu Tek!

What do you think about Rujak Cingur and Tahu Tek sold by Rujak Cingur Maguwo? Would you like to try these East Java cuisines in Jogja? Feel free to share your comment below!

Starts from IDR 8,000 (Food)
Starts from IDR 1,000 (Beverage)

Open Hours:
9 AM - 7PM

Jl. Cindelaras Raya, Karangsari, Wedomartani, Ngemplak, Sleman, Jogja.

Contact Number:
+62 878 3988 4873

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