Eastern Kopi TM Jogja on the Weekend

Tell me what makes a dinner romantic. Is it the atmosphere? Is it the candle on the table? Or is it the one who sits in front of us?

I was in a romantic mood last weekend. Red lipstick, Kenzo Amour Florale, and floral fringe kimono seemed to be perfect for such night. The smell of neroli and gardenia lingered, competing with wet soil on my way up to the hill outside Jogja. The plan was having a fancy dinner while enjoying amazing Jogja from the top of the hill and having nice chit chat. But guess what... yes, behind this perfect plan there was unpredictable situation which forced plan B to appear on mind. This lovely restaurant was reserved. Doh!

Well, to think of plan B wasn't that easy but we made it! Salute to the hunger tummy! We decided to spend the night in Seturan area. Seturan was a dark quiet place when I was just a student in one of the private universities here but these last couple years the new face of this area offers you leisure on silver tray; cafe, karaoke place, restaurant, you name it... This place is fun for students who want to hang out with buddies or to date cute girl next door.

The restaurant we visited was Eastern Kopi TM. This place has open area as well inside in case you want to have dinner under the starry sky. The place was cozy and the decoration was unique. They put colorful woody planks on one of the walls.

What's the menu, Eunike? Eastern Kopi TM has many variations of menu. They have toast, BBQ set, Asian favorites, wonton & meatball, vegetables & tofu, and dim sum. Some of their Asian favorites are Penang noodle, seafood fried rice, Singapore laksa, pad Thai, rendang, and carrot cake omelette. As appetizer they offer you pudding with various flavors; chocolate, durian, mango, and avocado. Tax isn't included in the price list. You need to add 10% tax. 

If you are curious, yes, the above fingers are mine! Hehehe...

I asked the guy who served us what the special menu was and he said it was Penang noodle. So I had chicken Penang noodle together with lychee drink, bain marie shrimp and mushroom. 

Penang noodle was spicy. I didn't have any problem with it but a friend of mine whom ordered the same food couldn't finish hers. I think it was delicious but the portion was rather big for me. Hard to finish all. My drink was tasty and lychee drink is one of my favorites after tea, lime and lemon tea. I liked my dim sum and thought I should have ordered more since they have about 27 kinds of dim sum. Oh my!!! Me love dim sum!!!

Another friend of mine ordered Hainam chicken rice. She dislikes vegetables and I guess that's one of the reasons why she picked this. I didn't taste the chicken but according to her it was rather salty for her.

I couldn't explain further more about the Hainam chicken rice but I tasted a bit the Singapore laksa my friend ordered. Loved it! It was delicious. 

You can have culinary adventure here starts from IDR 14,545 for the food and IDR 6,364 for the drinks. The location is on Jalan Raya Seturan. 

I didn't get what I wanted which was the view of Jogja from the top of the hill but I assure you, my friends and I had a good time. We laughed. We talked. We took picture to capture the lovely night.

Thank you for being here with me. Next time I get the chance to see Jogja from the top of the hill while dining out I'll let you know. Enjoy your day and stay happy. 

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