A Night of a Running Nose with Jasmine Tea and an Eye Candy

It’s weekend! Who doesn’t love weekends? Everybody loves it, as long as I know. Even my friends who have to work on Saturday also crown themselves as Weekend Lovers. Weekends are times in which we relax our mind, do our hobbies, hang out with buddies, visit our parents or do any other things that seem to be uneasy during the weekdays.

What do you like the most about weekends? No alarm clocks? More time with your family? Live your single life up?

My weekend is nice. No party, no girls’ night out. Nothing. It’s just me, myself, and I in pajamas. I am getting flu and stay at home is the best thing I can do for myself tonight. Besides, this is a good way to save people out there from my flu virus. Imagine how my virus will victimize anyone around me each time I sneeeeeze, sneeeze, and sneeze!! Hmmm…

Staying at home ain’t that bad. Decided to eat something hot and having a hot bakmi Jawa (Javanese noodles) in a bowl would be a perfect choice. Unfortunately I didn’t see Pak Lilik’s gerobak (lit. food cart) tonight—this guy sells yummy Javanese noodles—and I was too lazy going somewhere just to buy any bakmi Jawa and please note that I am sick *cough* *cough* So I chose cooking an instant noodle to searching for bakmi Jawa.

It took only about seven minutes to serve my instant noodles. I added an egg, green onions and crisp-fried onions.

Together with my noodles, I made a cup of  a big glass of jasmine tea with slices of lime. 

My running nose enjoyed the smell. It was lovely and relaxing (Jasmine is one of my favorite things, by the way). I had these all while watching Vin Rana on a live TV show dancing in Superman costume. Yep, even an ill chick liked eye candy!

That’s from my side of the world. How’s your weekend? Are you having fun? 

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