A Day in Surabaya: Bungkul Park & House of Sampoerna

Have you been in Surabaya? What do you like the most from this city? Which place would you suggest to visit if the time is limited?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to visit Surabaya. It's one of biggest cities in Java island and located in East Java. I went there by train and I left Jogja after midnight while the coldness of night air was wrapping me tight.

I only had limited time so I only visited three places, namely Taman Bungkul, House of Sampoerna and yes, I am sure you can guess the last place. It's a mall! Got something for my mom there! But no, that's not the reason I write this post.

Arrived safely in the morning, I found many taxi drivers offering to drive me places. I shouldn't take any in the railway station but I did take one and the price was definitely higher. This reminded me of my friend's advice. He suggested me to always take Bluebird taxi. They are famous for being trustable. Another taxi to pick while staying in Surabaya in Orange taxi, based on my little interview to local people.

Surabaya was pretty hot but the traffic was much better than Jogja. The city was clean and you can easily see colonial buildings everywhere. This thrilled me. I have soft spot for old buildings from ancient temples to old Dutch houses. If I didn't remember my age I would have hopped and clapped my hands. If only my eyes were a camera...

I stayed near TamanBungkul (Bungkul Park) and I could reach this area in few minutes on foot. Big trees surrounded this park and flowers bloomed everywhere. It was lovely yet relaxing. In the location nearby, there is Mbah Bungkul's grave that has been there since the Hindu era. This park once won the 2013 United Nations Asian Townscape Award. 

As a public place Bungkul Park has some signs for its visitors to notice. You are not allowed to show some PDAs here such as kissing. Besides, alcohol consumption isn't allowed as well.

I couldn't help but took a photo of myself as well here. This park is perfect for you who want to get some fresh air and read your favorite book. 

Another tourism spot I took a look was House of Sampoerna. Located in “old Surabaya” and built in 1858, this Dutch building used to be an orphanage. In 1932, the founder of Sampoerna, Liem Seeng Tee bought this place which used as cigarette manufacture. The entrance fee for the museum is free and they open 9 AM to 10 PM.

What's inside this building? Let's take a look together. Shall we?

Right on the left side of the main entrance, there's a replica of the first stall which once used by Sampoerna's founder, Liem Seeng Tee and his wife, Siem Tjiang Nio.

Next to the replica of the first stall, there are two antique bicycles standing together with weighing scale and some other stuffs.

Entering the next room you will see many photos on the wall from the founder of Sampoerna to those who run this factory following the years. Photos from older time are also here. I took one of them:

Many vintage stuffs are in this museum (well, it's a museum, Eunike!). All the manual processes of producing a cigarette is there! The smell of tobacco from the main entrance completed even more my experience here.

House of Sampoerna has more than just a museum. It has kiosk on the 2nd floor. Next to the main building, there are also a cafe and an art gallery. I didn't spend time inside its cafe but I managed to visit the art gallery. Luckily, there was an exhibition there and by the way, I fancy the door of the art gallery...

Before leaving House of Sampoerna I took some more photos as I was so greedy capturing moment. 1972 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, vintage chandelier, and few views outside the museum.

The building in the above photo, I can't get it enough. It's my thing! I kept saying to myself how lucky I was for having a chance to see Surabaya and its many many many old colonial buildings. I did stare at the above building again and again and readers, this is the end of our Surabaya's trip. I hope you enjoy this post and got few hints about Surabaya. 

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