Sunday Trip: Kwaru Beach & Goa Cemara Beach

Sunrise, sunrise

Looks like mornin' in your eyes
But the clocks held 9:15 for hours
Sunrise, sunrise
Couldn't tempt us if it tried
'Cause the afternoon's already come and gone
- “Sunrise” by Norah Jones -

Seeing sunrise on Sunday morning was the plan. It was 3.50 a.m. and my cold floor defeated me. I didn't get up and continued on sleeping.

We could pass Sunday without seeing any sunrise but we missed the seawater. Salt water would be good to wash bitterness away. I am not saying we were feeling blue but last week was a tiresome. 

Leaving Jogja at 12 o'clock, the sun knocked my helmet. Sunbeams were caressing my upper legs intimately when my brother complained about how short my short was. The hot wind blew my face and I had to sing along the way to Samas—which was 24 kilometers away—to get rid off sleepiness. Fortunately, the countryside looked better than my brother's back and he was nice enough to let me stop somewhere for taking pictures.

Before reaching Samas and any other beaches nearby, we had to pay IDR 3,000. After paying, we followed the road until my eyes caught a lighthouse. We turned left and our motorcycle led us to a small street surrounded by vegetation and some of them are beach she-oaks.

Lighthouse at Samas the beach in Jogja

Instead of stopping by the beach—Samas--my brother and I took time sitting under a beach she-oak. The street was quiet and I found some lovebirds sitting close to each other and no, we didn't take any pictures of them.

Our next destination was Kwaru beach. On my way to this beach, we passed a bridge. I couldn’t resist stopping by since hundreds of egrets feeding themselves. If only I had a better camera, I would have been able to capture that moment better...

Kites and blue sky welcomed me well at Kwaru. I paid IDR 2,000 for parking. The view of children played with the sands greeted me on my way to the beach. Groups of people walked on the shore while some men were fishing. Families had a picnic and laughter filled the air.

Kites on the sky of Kwaru the beach in Bantul, Jogja

I sought for silence, so I walked, away from the crowds. Breathing in, breathing out…sometimes all you need is just silence to calm you down, to contemplate…

Kwaru beach in Jogja

Kwaru beach in Jogja

Played on the water in Kwaru, Bantul Jogja

And my batik sling bag accompanied me along the way... I love batik.

Batik sling bag

Walking on the beach bare feet, my eyes caught a crap a crab! I had no idea if that little creature was eatable but however, I managed to take its picture. Could you see it????

sand crab found in Kwaru beach, Jogja

Next place to visit after Kwaru was a new beach that was just called “Pantai Baru” (New Beach). Same as Kwaru, I had to pay IDR 2,000 here for parking. Spent time there for about 20 minutes. Too many people, more than Kwaru. Me disliked. So, better moved on. But hey, I didn't leave with empty hands! I took some pictures for you, yes, special for you...

Pantai Baru in Bantul Jogja

Pantai Baru in Bantul, Jogja

Goa Cemara was the last beach for my Sunday trip. The name of the beach described pretty well how it is. The words “goa” is a Javanese word for cave whereas “cemara” is pine tree. The pine trees here are beach she-oaks, Casuarina equisetifolia.

Beach she-oaks are everywhere. People sat under the she-oaks while enjoying live music. Some young boys and girls took selfies while love birds were walking hand in hand. If it were quiet, Goa Cemara would be oh-so-perfect with leaves of beach she-oaks protected us from the sun. And yes, in case you are curious, once again I had to pay IDR 2,000 for entering this area – that must be the cost for parking. The price for car definitely is higher than motorcycle.

Goa Cemara beach

Goa Cemara beach in Bantul

Vegetation in Goa Cemara beach in Bantul, Jogja

It was 2.30 p.m. and I got headache! My tummy had a mega concert. My brother kept saying, for four times, “Shall we look for some chicken noodles?” Doh, we're on the beach! It's time for seafood! (Don't think of cholesterol, Eunike. Don't think of cholesterol...) So I had Mr. Tuna a.k.a. skipjack tuna with sour and sweet sauce. The taste of tomatoes, white onion and chilies mixed well with crunchy long beans. The smell was really nice hmmmm... even though it wasn't as spicy as I expected. Mr. Tuna was IDR 18,000 and I spent total IDR 57,000 for having lunch with my brother whose lunch was grilled tuna.

Skipjack tuna with sour and sweet sauce at Goa Cemara

Jogja has many beaches that would take you to Indian Ocean if you keep on sailing to the south. Most beaches I visit always have planks which tell you not to swim. 

If you have a plan to visit Jogja, I suggest you to explore our beaches since we have dozens! The nearest beach to visit is about 30 minutes from Malioboro which is the center of the city. Not that far, huh? Rent a motorbike, wear your helmet and yay! You're ready to be a biker exploring Jogja!

That's how I spent my Sunday. How was your Sunday? Did you went to the beach as well? What do you like the most about the beach? Have you visited any of beaches in Jogja? If you have, which one is your favorite? 

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