Artsy Stuffs for Orangutans: A Campaign to Save Orangutans

Aha, there you are! I have a question for you! What is it that crosses your mind at first when I mention the word “orangutan”? Is it banana? Is it your mind shouts, “My ancestor!”? Or you have no idea what orangutan really is? Oh well, I visited an art exhibition—Life of Umbrella Species—at Jogja National Museum on Tuesday. This exhibition was held on 31 January to 3 February 2015. Before going further, in case you still wonder what orangutan is, you can check it here.

So, once I left my office, I went right away to Jogja National Museum to see how people would interpret orangutans.  It took only about 20 minutes to this museum from Malioboro but I had longer time since I had no idea where the museum was. Pffff…

Life of Umbrella Species is a part of Art for Orangutan which was a campaign to save orangutans. I read online articles about this campaign and found a sad news. One baby of orangutan that could be saved represented 2 to 10 orangutans which got killed. They couldn't live peacefully in the forest due to logging.  Therefore, the exhibition was done to expose this issue. There were 100 artsy stuffs from 92 artists. Yes, most works of art were framing orangutan.  I took some photos so that you could have a peek what I saw in the museum:

"Selamatkanlah Orangutan" (Save Orangutan) by Lejar Daniartana Hukubun
"The Blonde Great Apes" by Syams Riadio
"Only Feeding, Not Exploit" by Teo Regar

As a city of culture, Jogja has many artists. If you were in this city, you could find art exhibition here and there. This one is just a piece of cake and readers, I don't mind to share the cake with you whenever I get a chance to attend any artsy event or exhibition. 

If someday you visit Jogja and you would like to see an art exhibition at Jogja National Museum, you can go to Jl. (read: ja-lan) Prof. Ki Amri Yahya No. 1 Gampingan, Wirobrajan. 

This is all for now. It's 2.22 AM *yawning* (a fake yawn, not sleepy at all, doh!). Time for me to relax my brain, pretend to be sleepy and fall asleep in less than 30 minutes. Thank you for spending time with me. Good night and see ya next time! 

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