Love for Iced Tea and One US Dollar

What’s really cool about summer? Apart from its weather, I’d say iced tea. Yes, imagine how heavenly tasty it would be to drink sweet iced tea in a bigger glass and all is yours. Hmmmmm…  That is what I liked from my lunch at Sambel Layah.

My first visit to Sambel Layah was with my colleagues. It took 15 to 20 minutes to nearest Sambel Layah from Malioboro street. Once arrived at  this place, we needed to order first and paid before enjoying our meal.

We sat on a chair made from wood and the place was pretty open so that it was rather hot. Fortunately they put some fans here and there to minimize the heat. Since the word "sambel" represented spicy food, don't get surprised if they like to pick the red color for branding. This place was like saying, "come y'all spicy food lovers!"

Sambal Layah had some low budget menus and we thought it was cool to try even though they had any other menus. All of us ordered one named “Paket Ayam” (Chicken Package) which had 1 Fried/Grilled chicken  + 2 slices of fried tempe + rice + sambal (chilli) + iced tea. This menu's price was less than US $1 – that was only Rp. 9,500. This one was perfect for students or any of you who would like to spend less on food.

Indonesian foods were what they had for us. Apart from fried chicken and grilled chicken, they also had seafood, tempe, tofu, catfish, salted fish, spinach water, etc. Oh and remember sambal! Yes, sambal would enrich the taste of the food. They might be too spicy for you but once you found your perfect sambal, you would definitely eat more and more and more sambal please! Hahaha...

In case you were in a tea-free-day, Sambel Layah also had other drinks such as fresh juices, orange, fruity soup, es teler, and many more. No. no, don't ask me about the taste, I hadn't tried any but iced tea. Some pictures for you:

Readers, take a look at our iced tea!!! The size of the glass! That was perfect for lunch time in a sunny day, wasn’t it? I really liked it!

This above sambal made from green chili. I didn’t think it was spicy but one of my colleague said it was. The taste was simple but wait until you had it with tempe and hot rice. Grrrreat!!! 

Yes, you could even take your order home – in case you would like to eat their food at home or somewhere else.
Hey Eunike! In a scale of 1 to 5 stars, how many stars would you give for Sambel Layah? I only tasted one menu and based on what I ate I’d give 3 stars. Not bad, huh?

Okay readers, it’s time for me to end this post and get some drinks. Thank you for taking time here. Enjoy your weekend and see you next time!

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  1. With so much yummy food at such competitice prices, Indonesia definitely is a dangerous place for me, me being a food and eating lover! But there are tempting dangers in life, aren't there? :) just that for now, I need to conform myself with hot tea, yes hot - with some lemon juice and honey to make it better - in order to survive the freezing winter of the middle of Europe. Iced tea season shall come later again...! And spicy tempting food hopefully as well!

    February 3, 2015 at 1:38 AM