"Cactus Session" on the Weekend: Pop Culture Critiques

Hello readers! How’s your weekend going? Is it superb? Did you have enough sleep? Do you have enough sun sneaks in through your window to keep you warm or all is cloudy or snowy? Mine is quite colorful. Apart from working in the office and wearing black and white head to toe, I also spent some time in an art exhibition.

With the sun above my head and dusty streets to go through, I went to Bentara Budaya. It took about 23 minutes for me to this place from Malioboro. Bentara Budaya was not far but the traffic was successfully gave headache. Horrraayyyy!!! (this meant to be sarcasm, btw).

“Baris Kedua” was the name of the exhibition. You could visit Bentara Budaya to see this since the works of art would be there until February 11, 2015. This art exhibition represented the works of 13 artists. These artists were alumnus of ISI (Indonesian Art Institute) and this exhibition was the continuation of an art exhibition held last year entitled “Story Telling”. 

“Baris Kedua” was a critique addressed to pop culture. As a part of pop culture, the artists portrayed consumerism, body exploration, false perception of superhero and artificiality of mass media. Check this "Cactus Session" by Dedi Irawan:

"#ootd" by R. Surya Mega:

"Fabric Machine" by Agni Saraswati:

"Figure" by Nur Wiyanto a.k.a Emprit:

What do you think of the exhibition? If you’d like to go to Bentara Budaya, just go to Jl. (read: jalan) Suroto No. 2. Apart from art exhibition, this place also has live jazz performance every Monday which called “Jazz Mben Senen”.

Okay readers, this is the end of this post. Thank you for spending time with me for a while. I hope you have a nice day and feel free to visit my blog every now and then! Hehehe…See ya next time, readers!

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