"Primitif": A Solo Exhibition by A Self-Taught Artist

How was your Valentine's Day? Was it great? Or you didn't really celebrate it? Mine was lovely—I had a nice evening with my girls and while some people were in euphoria of love, I made a visit to Jogja National Museum. If the first visit was for Art for Orangutans, the second was for seeing a solo exhibition.

Readers, what do have on your mind when hearing the word primitive? Is it a tribe living in a forest? A wooden idol?

“Primitif” (primitive) was the title of a solo exhibition by a self-taught artist, Dwik Tunggak. The date was 11 to 14 February 2015. Yeah, it's already over but I'd like to share still...

So, “Primitif”presented 30 wooden sculptures which was a reflection of Tunggak's life experience. Mba Fasma, who guided me explained that the inspiration came from Asmat, Aborigin, and Africa's culture. She also said some sculpture appeared like an idol belonged to primitive tribes.

I took some photos of the sculptures for you but no title or brief explanation since I found none. 

What do you think of the exhibition? Anything you like? 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Have a good day, readers! 

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