Ready for Extra Mile! Doc, You Got Me!

What will move you as a person to be a better version of yourself? Is it a pat on the back or a kick on your butt? My injured knee got me to rethink how I am as a person. And oh well, since we are still in the beginning of 2015 and I have no resolutions to jot down, this will be a good reminder to live with for the rest of 2015.

My knee got injured when I was attempting to change my habit from living my life as a couch potato to be an exercise lover. Yeah, it took a pair of neon pink sport shoes (finally!)  for me to start running and after couple of times of being a runner (who walked a lot, still, btw) my knee decided to act up in one evening.

No compromise, my knee was hurt for walking. I had to enjoy my “ouch” moments each time I walked. I couldn't even wear my favorite classic pump!! It was really a disaster!! So I decided to go to a private hospital nearby. This was the time in which life stroke me with impressiveness.

Visiting the hospital, I met a relative that worked as a nurse there. She was at her late 40s or early 50s and she was so kind to me. Not only recommending me a doctor that suited well with my case of injury but she also assisted me to get medicine yet registered me to see the doctor on Saturday. My mom and I thanked her and as a replied she said it was her duty to be kind. She told me no matter what kind of job we have, it’s always good to put an extra mile for the sake of love and gratitude. “Don’t chase money, it would come to you,” she said, “don’t do it for money.” Oh wow!  This wasn’t the only WOW experience I had.

Saturday I visited the same hospital to see the doctor the nurse recommended to me. She said this doctor is nice and hey, doctors should be nice, right? I mean they are doctors!  But she was totally wrong…

After waiting for about 30 minutes, finally I could go into one of the rooms. I asked my mom to accompany me. We both heard the doctor talking to another patient in another room. His voice was clear and rather deep. This guy must be on his 40s or 50s – I assumed, based on his voice and the numbers of patients that were in line to see him.

Sitting on the only bed in the room, I could hear what the doctor said to the patient in the other room and my mom thought he was friendly based on her hearings. Couple of minutes passed, finally I got my turn and OH MY GOSH!!!! This doctor wasn’t at his 40s or 50s! He was much younger and he had a bright smile! No, no, not kind of toothpaste-ad-smile but it was rather a warm smile. Once he entered the room he greeted us and shook our hands! He was more than friendly! He was enthusiastic, emphatic and he listened to what we said. He listened not to comment but he was a truly listener. He checked my both legs to compare one to another and he explained each step he did; why it was important. Afterwards, knowing that we knew nothing about anatomy of a knee, he drew it  to explain what I had on my knee. His explanation was understandable and he was so patient with us though he got tons of questions.  WOW! He did the extra mile! I came to realize why the nurse said he was nice and why he had so many patients waiting for him to check them. The hospital was so lucky to have him! I hardly met such doctor!

How good are we at doing our job? Are we enthusiastic enough? Routine might kill sparks but it shouldn’t. If only everybody has the attitudes shown by the nurse and the doctor, this world would be a better place. Be good, do well. Make the extra mile. Not for the sake of money but love and kindness.

So readers, what about you? Have you done the extra mile?

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