Steamy Girls' Night Out

Hello dear! Last week I went out with few friends. The Girls I called them. Such nick keeps us staying young eh ;)  We had dinner at Taman Sari Ambarrukmo Plaza. That night we decided to see what Steam Boat had for us. I forgot the name but the taste was nice. There were vegetables, fish balls, slices of meats, meat balls, rice noodle, and few boiled chicken.

Steamy dinner which was perfect for my running nose :)

One of us, Arum, who is also my cousin, will be getting married on July 7. That night was our last dining out before her wedding day. Can’ wait to see her as a bride!

And we all have our favorite nurse, Nining!

Our group won't be complete without Dewi. 

I had my blue feather necklace that night. First time wore it. I felt like half gypsy someway hehehe...

Can't wait to see what The Girls and I will have next month! We so far hang out together once in a month only. 

It's around 2.30 AM. I need to sleep soon otherwise tomorrow I'll walk like zombie! Good night everyone!

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