Hello Shaun!

Hello Shaun! Yeah, finally I could share some days when we were having Shaun at the main atrium. Ya, we had back to school event and Shaun was the character we picked. Event requires hard work but each time we had it I got excited. It is the time for me to meet, negotiate, and arrange things with so many people. Good to know I was not a lone and we had good team work :)

If you were in Jogja I wouldn’t hesitate to invite you to come. We got some performers and mostly were children. Geez, they were so cute! I picked one of the photos here. These kids were from TK BOPKRI Gondolayu.

I got to know those people who ran Lasy Competition. They made a competition for playground and kindergarten students and it ran so well. Thanks for the crews of Champion Organizer who made it happen. Oh, they asked me to take few photos together. Hehehe…  I wore my new mustard yellow blazer (or cardigan? Not sure what to call it). Yellow among reds!

I would like to say, "Well done!" to our visual team. Look at the house of the Farmer in our stage! Don't you think it's nice? They worked hard for this! 

If you look at the above picture, we got also DJ Nio from Fade Out Management. If you would like to know more about Fade Out Management, its DJs and DJ course, you can ask further more to DJ Kateratchy. Visit his blog here

Character event won’t be complete without the character itself. That’s why we had meet and greet with Shaun the sheep on the first weekend when the event was running. Of course we took time to get a shoot with Shaun. Below here you can see my colleagues. Each of us wore white t-shirt with the famous emoticon. Which emoticon is your favorite?

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