Bunnies Oh Bunnies

Bunnies. I love them. It's been for years already. Each time I see any, I feel the rush in my blood that I recognize as euphoria. I'll be so excited and there's a bunch feeling of oh-so-bunny! in my heart.

This afternoon I had a meeting with my client and I got to know they are going to run an event of The Sylvanian Family. I love their bunnies! Oh my gosh! I push my colleague to get married soon. Told her to be pregnant as fast as possible so that I have excuses to buy any of the bunnies from The Sylvanian Family. She said I am nuts! Ha!

There is a song I like so much since the songwriter put bunnies in the lyrics. It is in Indonesian, entitled "Gang Kelinci" and sung by Lilis Suryani. Have you heard about it? If you haven't, check the song below:

 Ya, I remember well how I always called my ex-boyfriend "bunny" and how I kept talking about pink and blue bunnies. Fortunately, my ex-boyfriend didn't mind at all hehe... But uh, can't believe how I could be so silly! Hahaha...

Lunchtime. Time to feed the hunger tummy! xoxo

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