Five Days of Working from Home in Jogja

Hello readers! Jogja has nice weather and today is my second day of working in the office. The company I am working in divides us into 2 groups of people in which each group will have five days of working in the office and five days of working from home. This is applied for about a month and I just finished my first part of working from home.

I was so excited when getting to know that each of us would have a chance to work from home. My mother was so happy to have me as a companion at home.  For me, I do think it will help us doing social distancing better.

Within five days of working from home, I did manage well the term "working from home". My 10 to 5 was exactly the same as the office hour we have during the covid-19 pandemic. I even skip one of my favorite things to do at home, which is taking a siesta. Even though I fancy siestas, I didn't take any in those days. I thought I might get or take some tasks to be executed in my afternoons and my prediction was right!

I don't know if I would be this excited if I had to stay at home and work from home for a longer period of time. Spending time mostly at home somehow push us to be creative. Working at home after weeks maybe won't be enough for us. Watching Netflix for some hours non-stop maybe is fun at first but what about doing it every single day for a long period of time? Would it be enough to keep us contented?

Conversations keep going and people keep on talking about what they did while staying at home. Based on what I heard or listened to, people around me did one of these things:
  • Watching multiple Korean drama series every single day,
  • Taking siestas,
  • Being on social media for hours,
  • Doing more of house chores,
  • Lying on their bed for hours with their smartphone on hands,
  • Helping their kids to get their homework done,
  • Running their home-based business,
  • and so on.
I am sure millions of people have their own ways on how to seize their 24 hours of staying at home apart from working from home. I also believe that sometimes boredom and even loneliness creep in, moreover if you live alone. Yet, I am sure too that many of us have more time to spend with the family. Maybe this is our time to realize how much we love our family members and how precious our family is for us. Sometimes routines make us forget how good our life is.

Although many of us experience work from home, a lot of people in Jogja still have to go outside so that they can earn money. As an example, let's take a look at becak drivers. Becak or pedicab drivers have no choice but to continue working. If they don't get any passengers, they don't earn any money, the same as the online motorbike drivers. If these drivers don't take any orders from their clients, they will bring home no money. If they have some savings, they can use their savings for their daily needs. What if they have none?

Covid-19 pandemic maybe enforces us to stay at home. It might push us to think and rethink, to contemplate on what matters the most for us, how we live our lives, and how we are as human beings. Some people probably can stay at home for weeks and keep on working from home. Some others might have no choice but keep on working outside of their house to make a living. Whatever it is that we have to deal with, let's hope that we all are able to take care of ourselves well not just for us but for our beloved ones as well. I am sure those who love us expect us to remain good and healthy. 

I am curious about you. How you feel about staying at home and what points to ponder that you get from that. Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in the comment section below. Who knows what you share will encourage or inspire someone out there.

Thank you for reading. Warm regard is sent to you from Jogja. Stay safe, readers!

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