Wedang Ronde for Chilly Nights in Jogja

Rain just stopped falling. Smell of wet soil teased my nose while chilly wind stroking my skin. My bones screamed for warmth. Nothing else I had on my mind but wedang ronde.

wedang ronde -

Wedang ronde is a kind of drink you can easily find in Jogja after sunset. The word “wedang” is a Javanese word. It means “drink” (noun) in English. This drink is such a lovely partner in crime for getting rid of coldness. Made from ginger, this one would warm your stomach. The aroma of screwpine together with lemongrass enriches the taste of ginger drink on your lips. Each time I had a bowl of wedang ronde I always took time for enjoying its aroma. Hmmm…it always brought good memories such as a love of a mother in a hug or a simple good morning from a beloved one.

What’s in a bowl of wedang ronde? There are four things you can expect; roasted peanuts, slices of breads, kolang-kaling and ronde itself. 

kolang-kaling wedang ronde Jogja -

ronde Jogja -

Kolang-kaling is the pink ones whereas the white little balls are ronde. Kolang-kaling is a fruit of Arenga palm whereas ronde is made from glutinous rice flour.  Peanuts usually are put inside a ronde. If you bite it, the taste of peanut would melt well with sweetness of sugar.

Wedang ronde is a perfect companion for you who likes to hang out in the middle of the night. The sellers of this drink usually have a cart. 

wedang ronde Jogja -

wedang ronde Jogja -

To simplify, you can go to Malioboro or Alun-alun Selatan for wedang ronde. Some sellers even walk through one street to another offering this drink. If you would like to have wedang ronde, its price won’t make a hole on your wallet since its price is only about IDR 5,000. Cheap, isn't it?

What do you think of wedang ronde? Is it similar to a drink in your place? Would you like to taste it? Leave a comment below if you feel like to share your story.

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  1. What must be very common for you, sounds so enchanting tempting exotic to me! And I learn that I missed to taste this special-common wedang ronde drink in my - very short! - approximative 130hours of staying in Yogya! Shame on me, since I preferred as it seems drinking water, beer or cocktails. Well, those one can be enchanting as well..
    I won't write here about a special drink from Switzerland (this one must be made out of fresh milk and yummy chocolate powder I guess) but pointing out to a phenomena which might be the topic of your next blog: a praise for all those numerous services and goods you can buy righ in the streets of Yogya! Probably you're find this common as well...but think of spending one week just eating and drinking out from the street and I am sure you won't get bored! Well I can tell you that you're lucky!
    A toast for all those busy bee street sellers!

    1. I am lucky. This city is indeed amazing with its street food, culture and friendly people :)

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