Le Waroenk & K-Pop Euphoria

How would you like to spend an evening with friends? Dining out? Window shopping?

One of my favorite things to do after passing by the office hours is doing karaoke. My friends and me are fans of karaoke. Once in a month we will do karaoke. It's a yay-moment for us. We can sing (and pretend we are Adele) or we can hop dance as if we are bunnies J-Lo.

In order to save our stomach from hunger, we usually get something to eat first before doing karaoke. We usually have “premature-dinner-time” . We feed the worms right between 5 pm and 5.30 pm. Yeah... the worms need to be calmed down before being attacked by our fantastic voice! You don't want to sing while they are pursuing foods.

Wednesday this week, we planned to go to Hello F-KTV for la la la la. Before singing, we decided to dine out at Le Waroenk. This place has affordable-price-foods which are so perfect for students. You can find Le Waroenk on Jalan Cik Ditiro.

Le Waroenk on Jalan Cik Ditiro, Jogja

Le Waroenk on Jalan Cik Ditiro Jogja - rindumiu.blogspot.com
Le Waroenk in Jalan Cik Ditiro Jogja - rindumiu.blogspot.com

The concept of Le Waroenk is angkringan. Angkringan is a food stall which serves variety of foods at very cheap prices. They serve rice in a small portion and you can taste it together with any other side dish. They offer you various drinks too by the way, such as tea, milk tea, coffee, ginger drink, ginger milk, hot chocolate, etc.

angkringan style at Le Waroenk Jogja - rindumiu.blogspot.com

menu at Le Waroenk Jogja - rindumiu.blogspot.com

 What did you have Eunike? I had rice with sambal teri, fried tempeh, otak-otak and orang juice. Sambal teri is hot sauce mixed with anchovies. Otak-otak is made of fish meat. I really like otak-otak here. My tongue could taste the fish meat and it wasn't fishy. I bet this will be perfect to eat even if all I have is only hot rice in a bowl. Hmmmmm... Yum yum... And FYI, I didn't spend much on my food. It was pretty economic – IDR 12,000.

nasi kucing at Le Waroenk Jogja - rindumiu.blogspot.com

Done with our cheap-price-dinner, our motorcycles took us to Hello F-KTV in Seturan. This karaoke has 50% Off for Employees on Wednesday. You can use this if you book for at least 2 hours and you show your name card. Each hour costs IDR 80,000 for a medium room.

We chose medium room since there were 8 people. Fany joined us with her hubby. Benny was with his buddy, Carlo (hi Carlo!). I went with Ella, Anin, and Pomo. We sang older songs such as “Greatest Love of All”, “Endless Love”, and “Killing Me Softly from Roberta Flack” to newer songs such as “Love Me Like You Do” and Sam Smith's “I'm Not the Only One”.


Anin shocked the guys when she was singing a K-Pop “Very Good” from Block B. Yeah, she went crazy singing this song, crazy enough so that the guys opened their mouth! Hahaha... Ella and me supported Anin as her dancers! (Hmmm...those guys suppose to do karaoke more with us!) If you are curious which song Anin sung, see this:

Have you done karaoke? What is your must-sing-song? If you were in Jogja, you can easily find places for karaoke such as  Hello F-KTV, Inul Vista, Happy Puppy, Sangrilla, Top 40, Hyperbox and Nav.
To end this post, I'd like to share a photo of Anin and Ella. This is the side effect of K-Pop euphoria!  Yeah, we sometimes are silly hehehe...


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