The Wallet Friendly Japanese Fusion at Hangiri Sushi

Oriental dishes plus an affordable pice plus a cozy atmosphere equals Hangiri Sushi. Yes, if you'd like to have lunch or dine in in an easy wallet while staying in Jogja, you shall put this restaurant in your must-visit-list. Why oh why? It's because this restaurant has many choices of sushi, ramen, and donburi.
Donburi beef - A bowl of rice topped with teriyaki beef/yakiniku beef/ katsu beef

Located in Sagan, Hangiri Sushi is easy to find. Its woody Japanese influenced interior design will welcome you with its warmth and relaxed ambiance. This restaurant is kind of a place where you’d like to enjoy the food as much as you’d like to sit and share a good time with your friends or family.

As a Japanese fusion restaurant, Hangiri Sushi menus get along well with the local taste. If you are curious about what the local people like to eat, you can order its top sellers which are salmon sushitamagocrunch, chicken karaagezoro ramen, chicken bento and chicken don. These dishes are served with hot and cold beverages you can choose from ocha – Japanese green tea – to lemon squash.

Zoro Ramen - has a spicy savory taste with niniku sauce and some toppings; katsu chicken, naruto maki, sweet corn, mustard greens, and slices of scallions
Start from IDR 10,000 (food)
Start from IDR 2,000 (beverage)
Open Hour:
10 AM – 10 PM.
Jl. Prof. Yohanes No. 1060 Sagan, Yogyakarta

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